Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tokaplot +

The enhanced version of Tokaplot, Tokaplot +, has (finally) been released! This adds three extra widget sizes to Tokaplot, 2x2, 4x1 and 4x2 for your viewing pleasure. It also allows a range of background shading styles and line rendering to better customise the widget to your device's theme. I'm charging an Aussie $ for this. While I don't expect to leave my day job, it would be nice to get some extra beer $.

1.1: Added free memory %

1.2: Important update: Explicitly set to long-running service. This should fix any freezing problems.

1.21: Reduced the thread priority by 1, as the new long-running service sets the priority to the same as foreground threads. This seemed to cause competition for resources with other long-running services, such as music players. This can be turned off in the settings. Slightly tweaked the graphics to make the line render better.

1.22: Eye candy update. Plot and grid line style customisation (shadow/shine/glow styles, width and dash effects) have been added, as well as background translucency control and the ability to change the background text colour. Also fixed a minor bug where the data plots would occasionally show large negative values.

1.30: Added battery current. Note: This will not work on most devices as they don't have this information! Tested on the HTC desire.

1.32: (Yes, I accidentally skipped a version no) Added ability to lock widget. Also fixed a minor bug with free memory % calculation.

1.4: Significant internal optimisations aimed at making the widget faster and use less memory for those who like to run the widget with low refresh rates. Also put back CPU load, added a pause button and made the lock sticky across device restarts.

1.6 Added support for more types of data file.

1.7 Finally found a way to remove the stupid notification! In case anyone is trying to do this with a widget the solution I came up with is to have a normal (not long running) service which is periodically refreshed by the widget 'updatePeriodMillis'. The minimum time for this is half an hour, which seems more than enough to refresh the service in Android's priority list.