Friday, February 4, 2011

Cash Counter

Stuck in a boring job? See how much they're paying you as you earn it with this widget!

It's basically just a clock which counts your cash up. With fancy spinny graphics. Install it as a widget, then click to configure your hours and wage. It'll count up during your work hours and show you how much you've made over the day.

This widget is only really for people with regular working hours. Perfect for that boring office job where you're stuck in a pointless meeting for hours. See exactly how much money you're company's spending having you sit around doing nothing!

Version 2 has just been released, bringing an updated UI to the working hours display, 4 different job types, job time multipliers and flexible reset points. Night shifts should also now be working.

How to set your hours

Here's a basic guide to set your hours. The widget divides your week into blocks of time that you're at work and not at work. These blocks need to be set by you, to tell the widget when to count, but it's not too painful.

Tap on the widget and select 'Set your working hours'. If this is the first time you've set your hours, the 'Add work times' dialog will appear automatically, otherwise select 'Add new work times'.

The 'Add work times' dialog lets you add these blocks to your week. The start and end times of the block can be changed using the buttons showing the time to the right of 'Start' and 'End'. The day is also set here. If you work nights, an end time set before the start time will give you a work block through the night.

There are 4 job types supported, and each can be set to a different wage. The type of job you're working for the hours you're setting can be changed in the drop-down list below the times.

If you work regular hours, you can copy the hours you've just entered over a number of days using the drop-down list below the job type. For example, if you've entered 9:00 Monday to 17:00 Monday and choose 'Repeat for 3 days', this will set your 9:00 to 17:00 work times for the next 3 days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The last option is whether to reset the counter at the start of the work block. You can use this to choose whether you show the total for the week on the counter, or just for the day.

Click 'Save' to set the block(s). New blocks will appear as coloured bars in the week display. Each block can be clicked on to set, edit or delete the block. The block will have a white border when selected and new buttons will appear.

Breaks can be added within the block by clicking on a block and selected 'Add a break in work block'. Set the break times, and click 'Save'. A gap will then appear in the block.

'Edit or delete selected work block' allows you to change the block times, or delete the block entirely. The options here are the same as adding a new block, with the exception of the shift multiplier. This allows you to set a multiplier to the current rate for overtime blocks. Blocks with a shift multiplier are shown with a lighter colour shade on the week list.

To delete a block, click on 'Delete work block'. All work blocks in a day can also be also deleted by clicking on the name of the day and selecting 'Delete all entries in day'.

Please feel free to send me any comments/bugs/flames on the widget or UI!