Friday, June 3, 2011


Hypnoblobs has just been released on the Android Market. The app shows two luminous blobs of endlessly mixing, swirling fluids. It's mesmerising to watch!

Two apps have been released - Hypnoblobs Demo, which is a stand-alone application and Hypnoblobs Live Wallpaper. Both the demo and live wallpaper are interactive, touching the screen creates a blob. The demo is fun to play with, but the live wallpaper is much better!

This is basically a successor to Plasmeriser using JNI code, so it's much faster. The graphics have also been greatly improved. The underlying code has been optimised but it still uses an underlying buoyant gas computational model.

It is heavy on the CPU usage, so there's an option in the Live Wallpaper to run at a slower rate. However, I've found that if I look at the list of apps which use the most battery, it doesn't even show up! I've noticed no extra drain with it running at full speed as a live wallpaper on my HTC Desire. Usage will probably vary, though depending on device.

There are a bunch of different palettes, to hopefully suit everyone's taste. Please feel free to email if you have any suggestions.

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